Sally by Noriko

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Sally by Noriko is a short and sweet little 'do with fringy bangs, a tapered nape, and "Yeah, Baby!" mod styling.


- Standard cap

- Lightweight, silky synthetic fibers 

- Average cap size with adjustable bands

- Front 4", Crown 5", Nape 2.4"

- Weight: 2.7 oz

- Colors shown: Marble Brown, Frosti Blonde


Are you a mod or a rocker? Explore the possibilities with Sally by Noriko. She is a short, retro wig with lots of effervescent, flirty appeal. Sally has a fringe bang that can also be side swept and smoothed. Her short, sleek tresses compliment and frame the face. She features a standard cap to keep you cool and is available in Noriko's dynamic colors. 

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