Sarah Large by Jon Renau

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Sarah Large by Jon Renau's gorgeous wavy curls never fail to impress! This wig’s 100% hand-tied SmartLace™ lace front and monofilament cap look supremely natural and offer endless styling options.


- 100% hand-tied SmartLace™ lace front

- High-end, 100% hand-tied monofilament cap construction

- 100% Fully hand-tied cap is stretchy, comfortable, and lightweight

- SmartLace™ technology seamlessly conforms to the shape of your head without tape

- SmartLace™ is a welded lace, where every crossing of two threads is ultrasonically heated to adhere the threads to each other and can be trimmed to fit your own hairline without risk of the material unraveling, stretching, or losing its shape

-  Large cap size, also comes in an Average cap size

- Due to the length, light denier, and texture on Sarah, we highly recommend regularly treating with a synthetic-safe leave-in glosser/detangler to help you work through any tangles as they appear

- Bang 14.5", Crown 16.5", Side 15.5", Nape 13"

- Weight: 5.5 oz

- Colors Shown: 12FS8 Shaded Praline and 27T613S8 Shaded Sun


Let's clarify something right away: Sarah Large is NOT a longer version of the Rachel. Rachel, Julianne, and Heidi all feature corkscrew curls in various stages of deconstruction to give them a very distinctive "Boho" look. Sarah Large, on the other hand, is more like Zara with a body wave added. In fact, Sarah Large is a great choice if you already love the Zara because you can switch between the two seamlessly.

Because body waves create glamorous horizontal ripples in the hair (as opposed to the vertical ones on the Rachel, Julianne, and Heidi), you should support the bottom of the hair as it dries to avoid loosening the wave and losing some of that glam styling. 

With Sarah Large, compliments galore will come your way when you walk through a room. Her glorious waves cascade past your shoulders and down your back in this striking 'do from Jon Renau! A 100% hand-tied lace front, monofilament top and a hand-tied cap will keep everyone thinking about how naturally gorgeous you look, even when you change the part or pin it back.  

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