Sparkle by Raquel Welch


Sparkle by Raquel Welch is a super cute and spunky little cut...and one of Heather's favorites!


- Open cap for ample breathability

- Average cap size with memory stretch technology

- Generous cap, very comfortable!

- Plenty of hair and beautiful razored layering in the front

- Front: 4". Crown: 4", Sides: 3", Back: 2.5", Nape: 1.5"

- Weight: 2.25 oz 

- Colors shown: R29S+ on first six images; Glazed Auburn, Shadow Shade Nutmeg (on me)


Sparkle is an easy little shake and go style that looks cuter messy than it does neat. Reminds me of Meg Ryan's hair from back in the day. The cap is comfortable and relatively stretchy. 


Vendor: Raquel Welch

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