Spring by Tony of Beverly


Spring by Tony of Beverly is a breath of fresh air with a cool air cap and soft-touch fibers all in an adorable, layered pixie.


- Average cap size with adjustable Velcro tabs for fit

- Air Cap (open cap)

- Naturlite ultra light weight synthetic fiber

- Soft Touch Fiber: Lightweight (fine) denier fiber that gives a natural and soft feel

- Bang: 4″, Crown: 5", Sides: 3.5", Nape: 2" to 2.5", Overall: 10.5"

- Weight: 2.22 oz

- Color shown: T Platinum

- This item is not eligible for coupons or additional discounts unless specifically stated otherwise


Just the right amount of sass and grace, Tony of Beverly's Spring is a charming short-length style that has been layered for plenty of volume and bounce. Featuring an open-spaced weft cap construction for a more comfortable and natural fit.


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