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Items in this bundle: 

  • 1 x Top Choice by Gabor, Color: GL11/25SS: SS Honey Pecan (SKU:  TOPCHOSS1125, MSRP: $87.55)
  • 1 x Malibu by Noriko: Color Expresso (SKU: RP1716, MSRP: $346.80)

Are you an influencer, wig retailer, or casual wig flipper? Maybe you just love collecting hair and are interested in buying a bundle at once to satisfy your craving at a dramatically reduced price? Our Wholesale Grab Bags filled with authentic name-brand wigs might be just what you've been looking for!

Note: This is a wholesale bundle. We're selling this as a single item and we will not break it up. You gotta buy the whole thing. Also, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. (As in, no returns for any reason. Keep in mind that you can always wash, style, or customize the wigs if you need to change something about them prior to flipping them for a profit. In fact, customizations like that can often help your inventory stand out -- and customers are often willing to pay more for the service!) 

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