The Art of Chic (Human Hair) by Raquel Welch


"In a perfect world… all men would be handsome." And they would be totally devoted to the woman who understands ‘The Art of Chic!’ She features a 100% hand-tied, French drawn monofilament top, a lace front, and silicone throughout the hand-tied cap


-  100% Hand-tied French Drawn monofilament top

-  100% Hand-tied lace front

-  100% Hand-tied cap

- Silicone grips in the ear tabs, nape and striped throughout the cap

- Silicone stretch mesh cap gives the ultimate in custom fitting and grip

- 100% Certified Remy human hair

- Part of the Raquel Welch Couture Collection

- Average cap size

Front: 5.5", Crown: 8", Sides: 6", Back: 8", Nape: 4"

- Weight: 4.5 oz

- Colors shown: R29S+ Glazed Strawberry and R25 Ginger Blonde


Who could resist a style this alluring? Lightly feathered layers enhanced by flirty toss of texture. This wig is a short cut to chic with all-over layering and sides that sweep back to the nape of the neck with full natural movement. The Art of Chic by Raquel Welch is a beautiful, all over layered bob with side swept bangs and 100% certified Remy human hair. She features a 100% hand-tied monofilament French Drawn top and lace front. French Drawn tops are the most natural looking and comfortable caps available. It is a 3 layered cap with the first layer being soft and closest to your scalp. The middle layer is where all the 100% certified Remy human hair is knotted and attached. The hair is then drawn through the topmost layer, which is made of silk. This gives the effect of hair growing right out of your head with NO knots showing at all! She also has silicone grips in the ear tabs and nape, as well as a silicone stretch mesh cap, giving you the ultimate fit. 

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