Victoria by Envy (Alan Eaton)


Is it a pixie or a shag? Victoria by Envy is the best of both! 


- Open cap is cool and comfy

- Average cap size with adjustable bands (very stretchy cap!)

- Layering galore gives you lots of fun styling options...or just wear it right out of the box with a finger fluff!

Front: 4.5", Crown: 3.25", Sides: 3.25", Nape: 2.75"

- Weight: 2.1 oz

- Color shown: Toasted Sesame


Victoria is a neat little pixie-shag hybrid style with tapered neckline and swirling waves of soft curls on the edges. Victoria is ready-to-wear straight out of the box. Easy to wear and easy to style! The open (capless) construction makes Victoria a great choice for hot weather or for ladies who perspire. We recommend pairing this with Batiste Dry Shampoo. Spray a little on the inside of the cap and it will help absorb some of the sweat, keeping you cooler longer and smelling great in between washings! 

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